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ABOUT haku

haku is a hostel where people from all walks of life can gather. It is the renovated and revitalized "Kashiwamura Ryokan", which was opened and operated by the Kashiwamura family who migrated from Aomori Prefecture around 1926.
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In addition to having mixed and women's dormitories, we offer different types of private rooms, such as Western style, Japanese style, and wheelchair accessible. We also have a kitchen and living area specifically for guests.


間取図 - Floor 間取図 - Floor
*Room prices may vary according to season.
The prices below are standard prices. Please refer to the Reservations page for details.
Dormitory (mixed)
Per guest/night: ¥ 3,600 (room cap: 16 guests)
Dormitory (women's)
Per guest/night: ¥ 3,600 (room cap: 4 guests)
Twin Room (1F)
1 guest/night: ¥ 6,150, 2 guests/night: ¥ 9,700
Japanese style room (1F, 2F)
1 guest/night: ¥ 7,700, 2 guests/night: ¥ 11,000, 3 guests/night: ¥ 13,900
Double room (2F/Western style, 2 rooms avl)
1 guest/night: ¥ 7,650, 2 guests/night: ¥ 9,700
Family room (2F/Japanese&Western mixed style)
1 guest/night: ¥ 8,800, 2 guests/night: ¥ 16,450, 3 guests/night: ¥ 18,150
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for hostel guests

Free - 24HOURS / Wifi
COMMON SPACE - Kitchen / Toilet / Living / Shower COMMON SPACE - Kitchen / Toilet / Living / Shower


The shower room is always stocked with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and hair dryers are provided as well. The showers are open 24-hours. Each guest is provided with 1 bath towel free of charge.


Towel / Toothbrush / Earplugs / Slippers
*Items available for purchase between 8am thru 9pm.
24HOURS - Washing machine ¥300 [each time] / Dryer ¥100 [30min]
*Available 24 hours a day.


Do you have parking on the premises?

Yes, there are free parking spots behind the building, as well as spots on the public parking next to the hostel.
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about café bar

café bar

café bar - Opening Hours:8:30-22:00 定休日:月・火 *ホステルは通常営業
There is a cafe-bar located on haku's 1st floor which is open to the public.
Relax on the comfortable sofas and enjoy a pleasant moment in front of the wood stove.
Each and every drink is prepared with the utmost care, whether with our espresso machine or manual drip coffee.
Our beans are carefully selected, our milk products are locally produced in Hokkaido, and for those who cannot have milk we have prepared soy milk as well.

We also serve excellent Hokkaido craft beer (in barrels);
at times we have up to seven different types available.
Please enjoy these unique tastes along with snacks and food prepared using regional ingredients.





ACCESS MAP - [From Shin-Chitose Airport]About 1 hour by car via highway / [From Tomakomai]About 1 hour by car ACCESS MAP - [From Shin-Chitose Airport]About 1 hour by car via highway / [From Tomakomai]About 1 hour by car


Access by car

◎Via Highway
From Sapporo Minami IC to Shiraoi IC : about 1 hour
From Shin-Chitose Airport IC to Shiraoi IC : about 30 min
From Muroran IC to Shiraoi IC : about 30 min
◎Via national route
Via National Route 36 : about 2 hrs 20 min
Via National Route 453 : about 2 hrs 30 min


hostel + café bar

Omachi 3-1-7, Shiraoigun Shiraoicho, Hokkaido
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